Enabling hoteliers to delight their guests.

Receive glowing reviews
Obtain more bookings
Increase your revenue

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Delight your guests with on-demand communication fit for the mobile first traveler.


Interact with guests where the guests prefer to communicate – text, email, or existing popular chat apps – from a single web dashboard.


Easily communicate across departments to improve operational efficiency. We help hotels get rid of pen and paper and radio, and record everything to gain visibility into what is happening on property.

Delighted guests leave great reviews, which increase loyalty and repeat bookings.

Stay Delightful is not just a messaging platform. We help you improve your operation with each interaction.

Extract actionable insights from guest interactions to recommend relevant offers at the perfect moment to delight your guests.
Turn conversations into visual data using sentiment analysis to understand – within seconds – what to focus on to deliver a guest experience that results in increased ancillary revenue, great reviews, and more bookings