Personal, Mobile-First Messaging with Your Customers
Increasing revenue for hotels and service providers by enabling seamless customer communication
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Convenient Personalized Communication with Today’s Customer On-the-Go

For hotels, spas, and other service providers, Stay Delightful’s text and messaging platform instantly boosts satisfaction, ratings, and revenue

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“I used Stay Delightful to send targeted text messages to drive repeat business, and saw re-booking rates of up to 40% for my spas!”

Rolf - Owner at Hawaiian Rainforest

Seamlessly Connect Your Guest to Your Staff

When customers send a message, you and your staff can manage and track all communication from a single web interface and business app (no more walkie talkies or pen and paper)

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Enhance Engagement

Communicate with guest before, during, and post-stay. Target customers with enticing offers.

Build Relationships

Text with customers as they would with a friend, conveniently and easily.

Receive Glowing Reviews

Experience how friendly, personal communication delights customers and keeps them coming back.

Learn Key Insights

Gain a realtime snapshot of analytics. Address issues before they turn into negative ratings.

Increase customer satisfaction, enhance communication, and grow revenue for your business.

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